Initial Setup

If you do not have remote access to your Nuki device after the initial bridge setup, perform the setup steps as follows:

Initial setup steps

  • Please select the main menu at the top left in the Nuki app (three yellow bars).
  • Now select the menu item "Manage my devices", select the Bridge and then confirm on the next screen by clicking on "Manage Bridge".
  • Now activate maintenance mode for the Bridge. To do so, plug the Bridge into the outlet closest to the Smart Lock while pressing the button on the Bridge and keep it pressed for 10 seconds. You will know the Bridge is in maintenance mode when the LED starts flashing every second.
  • As soon as the app has found the Bridge in maintenance mode, select the respective wireless network, enter the password, and then save the data.
  • The app will automatically take you to the next screen, which will show you the Server, Bridge, and Nuki device. Server and Bridge are now marked with a green dot.
    You can add the desired Smart Lock (or Opener) by clicking on the plus symbol and then selecting the device. The Nuki device and Bridge will now be paired, and the installation is completed.

If you still have difficulties controlling or managing your Nuki device from afar, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Optimize connection

  1. Improve the connection between the devices by bringing the Nuki Bridge within close proximity of the device. You can find out how to improve the connection between your Nuki device and your Bridge here.
  2. Pair again the Bridge and the device (Smart Lock, Smart Door or Opener) without the Nuki app via "Button pairing".
    To pair the Bridge with your device, press and hold the button on both your Smart Lock (Opener or Smart Door) and your Bridge for 5 seconds to connect them with each other. The devices are in pairing mode when the lights are permanently glowing. The pairing is complete when the devices stop glowing and the Bridge LED is flashing for 3 seconds afterwards.
  3. Reconnect the devices via the Nuki app. To do so, open the Nuki app again and check the connection in the app. To do so, click on the device in the settings and select "Connection status". Click on the connection info screen and then select the red menu item "Disconnect the Bridge". After disconnecting, please try Reconnecting again.

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