Detection of door status (closed/open)

With the Nuki Door Sensor and the Nuki app, you always have an eye on whether your door has been opened

Door status in app and web

The Nuki app shows you not only the status of the locking cylinder but also whether your door is open or closed. The door status is also signaled by the LED of the Smart Lock.
Of course you also get this information in your Nuki web account.

Door status in the activity log

An exact overview of when your door was open or closed is provided by the activity log. Activate the activity log for the door sensor in the Nuki app under "Settings" > "Activity Log".

Notifications about your door status

Get a notification when your door is open for a certain time! To activate these notifications open the Nuki App and select the Smart Lock paired with the Door Sensor. Now open the "Features & Configuration" section and select "Door Sensor" > "Door open warning"

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