Connection status

The Nuki app shows you detailed information about the connection status of your Nuki device

The connection status is displayed in the device settings. The connection quality of all components to each other is color-coded.

  • Green = stable connection between the components
  • Orange = limited connection between the components
  • Grey = no connection

Connection Status via Bridge, Wi-Fi, Matter/Thread.png

Connection to the Nuki server

Smart Lock (4th Generation): Matter via Thread

You can access your Smart Lock (4th Generation) remotely using Thread. This new Smart Home standard is more stable and requires less energy than Wi-Fi.

Here, you can learn more about:

Smart Lock Pro: Built-in Wi-Fi module

The Smart Lock Pro has a built-in Wi-Fi module. Therefore you do not need the Nuki Bridge for online access.
If there is no connection to our servers, please follow these troubleshooting steps.

Nuki Bridge

The Nuki Bridge brings your device online and makes it remotely available for all authorized users.
Here, you can find detailed instructions on how to set up your Nuki Bridge.
You have already set up your Bridge and paired it with your Nuki device, but you still don't have online access? A reboot of the Nuki Bridge helps to re-establish the connection to the server.

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection to the Nuki Bridge

Your Nuki access solution is connected to the Bridge via Bluetooth. For a stable Bluetooth connection, the distance between Bridge and Nuki device should not exceed five meters. Here you can find tips for optimizing the connection quality.

Bluetooth connection between Nuki device and smartphone

Under optimal conditions you can control your Nuki device via Bluetooth from a distance of about ten meters.

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