Auto Unlock – Nuki unlocks your door automatically

Auto Unlock opens your door automatically when you come home.

Nuki uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you leave your home. If you approach your home again, the Nuki app is preparing to open your door. When you reach your door, Nuki unlocks it automatically.


Exit Geofence Enter Geofence Auto Unlock Bluetooth


You can activate Auto Unlock by tapping on the Nuki device in your Nuki app and opening the device settings. Then activate “Auto Unlock”.

You can still lock your door manually with the Nuki app or with your Keypad or Fob.

Auto Unlock in detail

Auto Unlock works by combining GPS, Bluetooth and Geofences (iBeacons). With the GPS on your smartphone Nuki recognizes when you leave your home. When you approach your home again and enter a Geofence near the device, the Nuki app begins to scan for your device via Bluetooth. When the Nuki app can establish a Bluetooth connection to your Nuki device within 20 minutes after entering the Geofence, your door will be unlocked automatically. The next Auto Unlock will only be triggered when you exit the Geofence and enter it again. So unwanted locking operations are avoided.
The Bluetooth range is about 10 meters. The range can be reduced by doors, walls and other interference.

How to improve the quality of Auto Unlock

  • Activating Wi-Fi improves the quality of Auto Unlock and Smart notifications, since it can help to determine the location of your smartphone.
  • Due to energy-saving settings of your smartphone, you may have to wait a few seconds before Auto Unlock opens your door automatically. To avoid this, you can simply wake up your phone by pressing the home or power button on the phone, just before you arrive your door door - and the Nuki Auto Unlock will work even faster.
  • If you use an Android device, you should disable the battery optimisation for the Nuki app, so that the Nuki app receives the location data, which are required for Auto Unlock, without delay from the operating system.

Learn more about: 
- the Auto Unlock filter 
- settings that affect the quality of this feature and should be checked for troubleshooting.

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