Scheduling: Set timers for automatic locking actions

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually locking and unlocking your door every day

With our Scheduling feature, you have complete control over your Smart Lock's actions, allowing you to set specific times of day at which your door automatically locks or unlocks. Whether you want to unlock your door when you get home from work or lock it when you leave in the morning, Nuki has got you covered.

Set up to ten timers in the Nuki app and choose from three different actions:

  • Open door
  • UnLock
  • Lock

Setting up your Nuki Smart Lock for scheduling is easy. Simply tap on your Smart Lock in the Nuki app and open the lock settings. From there, choose "Features & Configuration" > "Scheduling", and set your timers!

Get the Nuki Smart Lock today and experience the ultimate convenience in home security.

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