Adding & Managing Lock Permissions

Share access permissions for your Nuki device with family and friends.

With the Nuki app you can easily share access permissions with your family and friends.

Invite users

To generate an invitation, select the desired device in your Nuki app. Select "Settings" > "Lock permissions" > "Users". The “Users” section shows you all the app permissions for your device. Here you can add a new user. If you have remotes access to your device, it works even from afar.
By creating the new user an invitation code is generated. You can share invitation codes with your Nuki app, e.g. via text message or email with the invited person.
Additionally a QR code will be generated. To redeem the invitation, the invited person can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone. 
Invitation codes can only be redeemed once within 48 hours.

To invite a person to your Nuki in an instant, you can also open the menu (top left) and choose "Invite person".

Manage users

To manage users, tap on the desired Nuki device in the Nuki app and enter the device settings. Then go to "Lock Permissions" > "Users". Now you can see the already authorized app users and you can edit them, or invite new people to access your device.

* For Smart Lock 2.0 and newer, 200 app users can be created.
* For Smart Lock (1st generation) 100 permissions can be created.
* For Smart Locks 3.0 and newer an additional 200 entry codes (Nuki Keypad) can be created.
* For Smart Locks of previous versions up to 100 entry codes can be created in addition to the app permissions.

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