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With the Nuki app, you always know who has locked your door and if it’s securely locked

Every action performed by the Smart Lock is recorded in the activity log. This means you can always see which user locked or unlocked your door at what time.

Activity log entries are not saved in the Nuki app, but only on the Smart Lock itself. This means that when you deactivate the activity log, the Smart Lock stops saving historic information.

The Smart Locks of the 3rd generation and newer store the last 1000 actions. Smart Locks of previous generations store the past 300 actions. Once the entries exceed this number, the oldest activity log entry is overwritten.

Combining a door sensor with the electronic door lock makes your home even more secure. When using the door sensor the Nuki app shows whether your door is open or closed. The activity log of the door sensor can be activated additionally from the Smart Lock activity log. Just go to "Settings" > "Activity Log" in the Nuki app. Here you find the option to enable or disable the activity log.

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