How to reset your Smart Lock

Reset to factory settings or restore default settings

With the Nuki App, you can reset your Nuki smart access solution. Select your desired device and enter the settings. Tap on "Features & Configuration" > "General" and then "Reset." You have the option to restore the device's default settings or reset it to factory settings.

1) Reset to default settings
This option will restore the default settings of your device. The following user data will be retained: 
* Device name 
* Lock permissions and entry codes
* Activity log and door sensor status updates
* HomeKit settings

All other settings including security code and position will be reset and needs to be reconfigured afterwards.

2) Reset to factory settings 
When you reset your device to factory settings, all data will be permanently deleted. Neither settings nor user information will be preserved. After the reset, you can set up your device anew.

If you don't have access to your device through the Nuki App, you can also reset your device to factory settings via the Help menu. To do this, open the Nuki App menu and tap on "Help." Choose the product you want to reset and follow the instructions within the Nuki App. Now, all data will be permanently deleted.

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