Improving Auto Unlock

With Auto Unlock Nuki unlocks your door automatically when you come home.

Several settings affect the quality of the feature Auto Unlock and should be checked for troubleshooting if necessary.

Location services

Make sure that location services are enabled in the device settings of your smartphone at all times The location is necessary to determine if you are approaching your home.

Allow the Nuki app to use location data
The Nuki app needs permission to use location data from the operating system of your smartphone. If the Nuki app is not allowed to retrieve location data, the feature Auto Unlock cannot be used. Here you find more information about Auto Unlock and how it works. Whether the Nuki app has the permission for receiving location data can be checked and changed in the device settings of your smartphone.

Mobile data services

The location services determine the approximate location of your device using GPS and Bluetooth as well as the location data of Wi-Fi networks and cell towers. Enabling mobile data services improves the location determination and increases its accuracy. 
You also need mobile data services to control your device remotely. For example, if you want to lock your door when leaving the Geofence, this can be done directly via the Smart Warnings, as long as your Nuki device is online and the mobile data services are activated.


When using a Smart Lock Auto Unlock is performed exclusively via Bluetooth. This ensures that you are really close to your Smart Lock when Nuki opens the door for you.
The operating system of your smartphone detects your position and informs the Nuki app when you are entering the Geofence. Now the Nuki app starts the Bluetooth scan for the Smart Lock. As soon as a Bluetooth connection can be established, the door is opened or unlocked.

Note: When using the Nuki Opener Auto Unlock (Ring to Open) is not necessarily based on an active Bluetooth connection. The reason for this is the physical limitation of Bluetooth and the often larger distance between front door and intercom.


Enabling Wi-Fi improves the quality of the Smart Actions. With Wi-Fi enabled your smartphone can better determine the location.
The smartphone's operating system uses different sources to determine the location. In addition to GPS and information about cell towers, the detection of Wi-Fi networks enables the exact determination of your location (using Wi-Fi networks nearby). Even if you are not currently connected to a network. It is therefore important to activate Wi-Fi on your smartphone.
Your smartphone recognizes the locations from the surrounding Wi-Fi networks. That way changes about your location are quickly detected and made available to the Nuki app.

Battery optimizations

Make sure that battery optimizations are disabled for the Nuki app. Active battery optimizations are supposed to ensure that the power consumption of your smartphone is minimized. However, they cause the Nuki app to quit in the background and deny location queries and Bluetooth scans. 
Due to power saving settings of your smartphone, you might also have to wait a few seconds in front of your door until Auto Unlock unlocks automatically. To get around this, you can simply wake up your smartphone by pressing the smartphone's home or power button just before you reach your door - then Nuki Auto Unlock will work even faster.

Battery performance optimization

On Android devices you should deactivate the battery performance optimization for the Nuki app, so that the Nuki app receives the location data needed for Smart Actions from the operating system without delay. 
Depending on the smartphone or the version of the operating system, after a system update certain power saving measures might become active again, even if you had already deactivated them for the Nuki app. Therefore it is worth checking this in the app settings of your smartphone every now and then. 
Also, you should open the Nuki app every now and then, so it is considered more important by the system and gets the location data in a timely manner. If the Nuki app does not receive location data from the system, Auto Unlock cannot be performed.

Increase location accuracy (Android)

This mode provides a more accurate determination of the current location. Your smartphone receives information about GPS, Wi-Fi stations and surrounding cell towers to determine your exact position. The Nuki app stays active in the background, which significantly improves the location recognition.
Additionally, this so-called "activity recognition" improves the validation process that is performed during a geofence enter or exit.

Auto Unlock expert settings

With the Auto Unlock expert settings you can adjust the configuration for the automatic unlocking processes to your individual needs and to your environment. Before changing these special settings, however, the feature should work properly with the default settings. 
In case Auto Unlock does not work as desired, reset the expert settings and test Auto Unlock with the default settings for a few days of normal usage.

Auto Unlock Status Screen

The Auto Unlock Status Screen shows you a map where you can track the current state of the Auto Unlock. There are also the Auto Unlock expert settings, which allow you to configure different actions for geofence events.

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