Acoustic signalization

Have different actions confirmed by an acoustic signal

When someone locked or unlocked your door, you will receive an acoustic confirmation.
You can adjust the volume of the buzzer individually. Open your Nuki app and select: "Settings" > “Features & Configuration” > “Button, LED & Sound” > “Sound”. Here you can adjust the acoustic feedback or deactivate it if needed.

For acoustic signaling, there are three signal types of different duration available: Acoustic signaling includes short, long and very long signals.

You receive an acoustic confirmation when you have unlocked or locked your Smart Door

New lock state Battery status Buzzer signaling
Open/unlocked OK 2 short beeps
Open/unlocked Critical 5 long beeps
Locked OK 3 short beeps
Locked Critical 5 long beeps

Different acoustic patterns signal if an error occurred

If an error occurs and your Smart Door is in “Failure mode”, the longest signal is played once per minute. In addition, different acoustic patterns signal which error occurred.

Error type Buzzer signaling
Mechanical error
(e.g. blocked motor)
10 long beeps
Mechanical error + batteries low 1 very long + 10 long beeps
Other error
(e.g. communication error)
6 long beeps
You are trying to unlock or lock
your door while it is open!
1 long beep
You are trying to perform Bluetooth pairing
even though the feature is disabled.
2 long beeps

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