Optimize power consumption

The battery life for your Smart Lock varies depending on individual use.

In addition to the battery type and the communication standard used, the following factors can affect battery life:

Wrong battery type configured/detected 
Your Smart Lock tries to automatically detect which battery type is being used. This optimizes the respective thresholds for the battery warning.
If an incorrect battery type is set or detected, the battery life will be shortened and/or battery warnings will be sent at the wrong time. 
To set the battery type manually, select the desired Smart Lock in the Nuki app and open the settings. Then go to "Features & Configuration" > “Battery” > "Battery Type".

Number of locking actions 
The more locking actions the Smart Lock performs, the faster the batteries will drain.

  • Open door
    Do you have a knob or bar on the outside of the door? To open the door, the Smart Lock pulls the latch. This not only requires more force. The locking distance is also longer than when only unlocking the door. Energy consumption is therefore higher.

Stiff door 
The Smart Lock can also open doors that are difficult to open. However, the more sluggish the door is, the more electricity must be used to power the motor. This will also make your batteries last shorter.
We recommend checking on a regular basis if the key can be turned without force when the door is closed. If it doesn't, a professional can adjust your door for you.

Frequent requests 
In sleep mode, the Smart Lock requires very little power. If the Smart Lock stays active, power consumption increases.

  • Status queries by smart home applications 
    Smart Home applications can be using frequent status queries. This "wakes up" the Smart Lock every time. It is therefore worth checking the setup if the battery life is shortening.
  • Door sensor state changes 
    If the door sensor status changes between "Door open" and "Door closed", the status change is communicated to the Smart Lock. The Smart Lock exits sleep mode when this happens. Therefore, check if the door sensor is working properly when battery consumption is high.

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