How do I connect my Smart Lock to a guest network?

The power consumption of your Nuki Smart Lock Pro also depends on your network and the number of connected devices.

The devices in your Wi-Fi are connected to each other via the router. Your Smart Lock therefore also receives data packets from other devices in the same network. The ongoing processing of these data packets by your Smart Lock consequently leads to increased power consumption.

Especially if many devices are connected to the same network, we recommend configuring a guest network and integrating your Smart Lock into it.

What is a guest Wi-Fi?

A guest Wi-Fi is a second, separate network from your home network. Both networks run over the same router, but the guest network is a separate access point.
The guest network does not allow access to other devices located within the home network. This security feature also has a positive effect on the power consumption of the connected devices: A device that is connected to a guest network does not receive data packets from other devices of the home network.
If you bring your Smart Lock Pro online via a guest network, it is isolated from the rest of the communication in your home network and is therefore much less active. Power consumption is reduced.

How to set up the guest network

In most cases, configuring a separate guest network can be done easily via your Wi-Fi router.

Please note that the configuration may vary slightly depending on the router model and manufacturer used. You can find a customized guide for your model in the manual of your router. Alternatively, search for the specific instructions on the Internet using the model name.

  1. Open the settings of your router
    Enter the IP address of your router in the URL bar of your browser. You can find the address in the user manual of your router. Many manufacturers offer their own smartphone apps with which you can read out these settings.

  2. Enter username and password in the dialog box
    If you have not changed your username and password in the past, you can usually find the data in the manual of your router. Note: We recommend to always change the data and to use a password manager to increase security.

  3. Enable the guest network
    In the router settings (usually in the "Wi-Fi" section) you will find the option "Guest access", "Allow guest network" or "Set up guest network". Activate this option and add the name of the guest network (SSID). Refer to the router's manual if necessary. Of course, you can also find the exact way to configure the guest network on the Internet using the model name of your router.

  4. Make sure that the guest network is configured correctly
    ● Choose a name ("SSID") for your guest network and set up a password. Select "WPA2" as encryption standard.
    ● Make sure that the "Allow guest access to local network resources" checkbox (or similar) is unchecked. On some routers, only the "Isolate" checkbox is available: check it to isolate the guest network from your local network.

The guest Wi-Fi network is now set up. Bring your Smart Lock Pro online via the guest network. In the Nuki app, select "Features & Configuration" > "Built-in Wi-Fi" > "Select another network". Choose the guest network from the displayed networks and connect your Smart Lock to it. The power consumption will be reduced.

Overview of the most common router models and manufacturers

How to set up a guest Wi-Fi access differs slightly depending on the router model or manufacturer. Refer to the detailed information in the user manual or the manufacturer's website to learn how to set up guest access for your router model.

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