Power consumption of the Smart Lock Pro

What are the reasons for increased power consumption when the built-in Wi-Fi is enabled?

The Smart Lock Pro has an integrated Wi-Fi module, which allows you to connect your Smart Lock to your Wi-Fi in a few simple steps without any additional accessories.

  1. Network traffic
    The power consumption of your Smart Lock Pro depends on your network and the number of integrated devices. 
    The devices in your Wi-Fi are connected to each other via the router. Your Smart Lock therefore also receives data from other devices in the same network. The ongoing processing of these data packets by your Smart Lock consequently leads to increased power consumption.
    Especially if many devices are connected to the same network, we recommend configuring a guest network and connecting your Smart Lock to it.
  2. Unstable connection
    The stability of the Wi-Fi connection influences not only the remote access. It also impacts battery life. If the Wi-Fi connection is frequently interrupted, the Smart Lock exits the battery-saving sleep mode to reconnect to the network. This requires additional power and reduces battery life.
    Therefore, make sure that your Smart Lock has a good Wi-Fi connection to your router. Reduce the distance between the router and your Smart Lock Pro to optimize the Wi-Fi signal strength. 
    You can find information about the connection quality in the Nuki app under the menu item "Connection status".

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