App Privacy Report: What type of data does Nuki access and why?

Apple introduced a new privacy feature - the App Privacy Report. This feature is designed to provide users with information on how often apps are accessing sensitive info.

It allows you to check out which permissions individual apps use. Moreover, you can track when and also how often your data and sensors, such as your location, are accessed. Apple also displays network activity, letting you know which domains apps are contacting in the background.

The privacy report gives you a detailed insight into what data iPhone apps access and where they connect to or send data.

The App Privacy Report tells you how often individual apps have accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts, and your media over the past seven days. In addition, you get a list of all web domains that were contacted by an app for the same period.

What type of data does Nuki access and why?

Your privacy and security is our priority!

Nuki only accesses data when it is necessary for the use of a feature. Depending on the features you use, Nuki will show up in your App Privacy Report.

Data and sensor access


  • Smart Actions
    If you use the Smart Actions you will notice that the Nuki app accesses your location.
    Nuki uses the location of your iPhone to detect when you leave your home. When you approach your home again, the Nuki app prepares to open the door for you. Once you have reached your door, Nuki automatically unlocks it for you via Bluetooth. How Auto Unlock works in detail is explained here.
    The Nuki app needs the permission to use the location data of your iPhone for this function. If the Nuki app does not receive location data from iOS, Smart Actions cannot be used. The accesses to your location happen when you enter or leave the defined radius around your home (geofence) as well as when you open the Nuki app.

  • Set location
    Location accesses also happen when you set the location of your Nuki device or access it via the "Features & Configuration" menu.

The location will only be stored on your end devices. When using Nuki Web, the location is synchronized from your device to the Nuki servers. 


The Nuki app does not access the camera of your iPhone in daily use. However, when installing the Nuki Opener we ask you for the right to access your camera. We always recommend taking a picture of the original wiring of your system. If you follow this recommendation, Nuki will access your camera once during the Opener installation.

Network activities

  • Firebase Crashlytics
    Firebase Crashlytics helps our developers to improve the stability and reliability of our app by anonymized crash reports. Crashlytics identifies software errors. For this purpose it collects data such as endpoint type and device state. The collected general crash data allows a quick analysis of errors and provides information about possible causes.
    Personal data is not collected.

  • Nuki Server
    The Nuki app communicates with the Nuki servers. When you open the Nuki App, a connection to the Nuki servers is established to check if your Nuki device can be reached via them. If you bring your Nuki device online, commands are also forwarded via our servers. However, the servers can neither read nor execute commands. Therefore the Nuki servers only forward the commands. That means we do not store any data regarding the communication between your Nuki device and the Nuki App.

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