My Bridge needs a firmware update. How do I proceed?

The firmware of the Nuki Bridge will be updated automatically.
If the Bridge is connected to your network and permanently online, firmware updates will be installed automatically. Updating the firmware can take between one and 24 hours. However, the update is completed after 24 hours at the latest.

This is how you check which firmware version is installed:
● Open the main menu on the top left in the Nuki app (three yellow bars).
● Select the menu item "Manage my devices" > "Bridge" and tap on “Manage Bridge”.
● Activate maintenance mode on the Bridge. To do so, simply plug the Bridge into an outlet while pressing the button on the Bridge. Keep the button pressed for ten seconds. You will know the Bridge is in maintenance mode when the LED lights start flashing every second.

Once the Nuki app has found the Bridge in maintenance mode, you can click on the Bridge-symbol in the Bridge management screen. You will now receive the relevant information.

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