Does my cylinder fit Nuki?

Most doors are equipped with a compatible cylinder

  • Usually, the exchange of your cylinder is not necessary.*
  • You can still use your existing physical keys.
  • There is no need to make any changes on your door.
  • The installation does not change the profile or type of the cylinder.
    This way, the security class and insurance cover of the door lock and your door remain unchanged. Read more about mounting your Smart Lock.

*Please note that we recommend using Nuki Smart Lock only with cylinders which have an emergency function.

Europrofil Doppelzylinder mit BSZ / Not & Gefahrenfunktion

Euro Profile Double Cylinder

Schweizer Rundprofilzylinder

Swiss Round Cylinder

UK oval Zylinder

UK Oval Cylinder

Knaufzylinder am Türbeschlag

Knob cylinder*

available for selected brands

Türschloss Mehrfachveriegelung

Multipoint lock

Amerikanischer Dead Bolt Schließzylinder

American Dead Bolt

Zusatzverriegelung auf der Türe

Additional security lock

Automatisch verriegeldes Panikschloss

Automatically locking lock

: The first generation of the Nuki Smart Lock was not yet compatible with knob cylinders. Smart Locks 2.0 and newer support knob cylinders in addition to Euro Profile, Swiss Round Profile and UK Oval Cylinders.

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