What is the emergency function?

We recommend using Nuki Smart Lock with cylinders with emergency function

The emergency function means that you can unlock your door from the outside even if a key is inserted on the inside. And you can do this in any position of the key - the inner and outer keys turn synchronously.

How do I know that my locking cylinder has an emergency function?

  1. Slide in a key one the inside of the door and set at an angle.
  2. Now insert a second key on the outside.
  3. Try to lock the door.
    If it is possible to lock your door now, your cylinder has the emergency function.

Your cylinder does not have the emergency function?

We advise you to retrofit or exchange the cylinder. This is uncomplicated and provides additional security.

  • Exchange cylinder
    Profile cylinders are standardized and can be replaced at any time. If you have a door lock that does not currently meet Nuki's requirements, your cylinder can be replaced. The Nuki Universal Cylinder is the ideal solution if you are looking for a security cylinder for your Nuki Smart Lock.
  • Retrofit emergency function
    If you don't want to change your keys, you can retrofit your door lock with the emergency function. This retrofitting is possible with locking cylinders from major manufacturers. You can find out whether your cylinder can be retrofitted from your trusted locksmith.
    Retrofitting usually costs about € 20-50. The advantage of this solution is that you can continue to use existing keys.

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