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The Smart Lock is designed for indoor use only. The operating temperature of the Smart Lock is in the range of 10–40°C.

Before installing the Smart Lock, it is worth checking some characteristics of the door.

Smart Lock dimensions
Please note the dimensions of the Nuki Smart Lock.

Doors come in different designs. Smooth doors are best suited for stable mounting. If there are reliefs, windows, patterns, etc. on your door, it is important that there is no elevation higher than the height of the door fitting within 30 mm of the lock.

Door fitting
The door fitting determines the mounting variant and how stable your Smart Lock can be mounted. Basically Nuki supports a shield or rosette fitting.

If a door opens outwards, the backset* must be significantly higher than 3 cm (up to 7 cm) so that the door can still be opened after the Smart Lock has been installed.

Bild von Dornmaß

* The backset refers to the distance from the center of the keyhole to the outer edge of the door.

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