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Backset: The backset refers to the distance from the center of the keyhole to the outer edge of the door. The backset must be at least 30 mm. Otherwise Nuki cannot be fitted. Iif a door opens outward, the backset must be significantly higher (up to 70 mm). Learn more.

Bow: The bow is the part of the key which the person opening the door grasps. This part is also known as the key head. The following part of the key up to the reliefs is called the neck. The length of the bow including the neck must be less than 37 mm for Nuki to be compatible. Learn more.

Cylinder: A locking cylinder is that part of the door lock where you insert your mechanical key. This cylinder checks whether your key is authorized to lock the door. There are different profile shapes such as the Swiss round profile or the UK oval cylinder. Find out whether you can install the Nuki Smart Lock on your door.

Double cylinder: Double cylinder means that this locking cylinder can be operated from two sides. So you can lock your door from the outside and the inside.

Emergency function: The emergency function means that you can lock your door lock from the outside, even if there is a key inside the lock.

Euro Profile Double Cylinder: Euro profile refers to the profile shape of the cylinder. The Euro profile double cylinder is a widely used cylinder and is supported by Nuki. Here you can find out which other cylinders are supported by Nuki.

Half cylinder: In contrast to double cylinders, half cylinders can only be locked from one side and are used, for example, for wardrobes or the like. Nuki does not support this cylinder type.

Handle: A handle is a door fitting that can be pressed down to open the door. Most doors in Europe have a handle on at least one side. Nuki supports doors with handles .

Knob: Front doors and main entrances are often equipped with a fixed door knob on the outside. Unlike doors with handles on the outside, unlocked doors cannot be opened by unauthorized persons. The Nuki Smart Lock can pull the latch and is therefore suitable for doors with handle as well as for doors with a knob on the outside.

Knob cylinder: Knob cylinders are those locks/locking cylinders that can be operated from the outside using the mechanical key. Inside, however, these door locks have a knob used instead of a key. Nuki is compatible with knob cylinders of popular manufacturers.

Lift-up handle: A lift-up handle is a lock that requires the door handle to be lifted in order to lock the door. If a door has this type of lock, the mechanical locking mechanism is activated by lifting the door handle.

Multipoint lock: In contrast to a conventional lock, the multipoint lock locks at multiple points along the frame. Therefore, the multipoint lock offers a higher level of security. Nuki supports locks with multipoint locking. Learn more about the installation requirements for the Nuki Smart Lock.

Reversible key: A key that can be locked on both sides is called a reversible key. Keys for the Nuki Universal Cylinder are reversible keys and therefore very comfortable to use.

Self-locking panic lock: A panic lock is used when a door needs be able to be opened from the inside at all times, even though it is locked from the outside. In addition, the self-locking panic lock automatically locks the door as soon as the door is closed. Nuki does not recognize the locking status of the door lock.

Swiss Round Profile Cylinder: This cylinder has a round profile shape with a diameter of 22 mm. This locking cylinder is very common in Switzerland and is also supported by Nuki. Here you can find out which other cylinders are supported by Nuki.

UK Oval Cylinder: The UK Oval Cylinder is a cylinder shape that is mainly used in England. You can select the version that suits you on the product detail page in our Web Shop. Here you can find out which other cylinders are supported by Nuki.

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