How do I change my cylinder lock?

Change your cylinder lock in just a few steps

The Nuki Universal Cylinder is designed as a modular solution. This means it is compatible with common cylinder dimensions and can be adapted to suit your particular door.

Note: You will need a screwdriver to change the cylinder.

  1. Open your door: You now have a clear view of the latch and the deadbolt that locks the door. There is a retaining screw under the deadbolt that holds the cylinder in the mortise lock in place. Loosen the screw, but don’t fully remove it yet.
  2. Now insert the key into the existing lock. Turn the key slightly clockwise to about 1 o’clock. Completely remove the retaining screw. Now you can pull out the cylinder with the inserted key.

    Tip: Use the removed cylinder as a model to assemble your Nuki Universal Cylinder to the right length.
    If the cylinder has at least 3 mm overhang on the inside of the door, you can use mounting version A. Learn more about mounting your Nuki Smart Lock.

  3. Developed as a modular solution, the locking cylinder is easy and straightforward to lengthen or shorten to the right size.
    The step-by-step instructions show how to assemble your Nuki Universal Cylinder to achieve the desired length.
  4. The next step is to insert the new cylinder into the door.
  5. Now reinsert the retaining screw under the deadbolt and screw it tight.

And just like that – everything is ready for you to install your new Nuki Smart Lock.

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