Installation requirements for the Keypad 2.0

Most smart access solutions from Nuki can be used with the Keypad 2.0.

The new Keypad 2.0 can be used with the following smart access solutions of Nuki:

  • Nuki Smart Lock 3.0
  • Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro
  • Nuki Smart Lock 2.0
  • Nuki Opener

The Smart Lock of the first generation is not supported by the Keypad 2.0.


To use all features of your Keypad 2.0, please make sure that the firmware of your Nuki access solution is up to date. If an update ist available, please update the firmware of your device.

One Keypad for one access solution

Please note that your Keypad can only be paired with one Smart Lock at a time. Also, multiple Keypads cannot be connected to the same Smart Lock at the same time. If you pair your Smart Lock with a new Keypad, the previously used Keypad is disconnected. This happens automatically as soon as you pair your new Keypad with your Smart Lock. Learn more.

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