Can I change my order afterwards?

Completed orders cannot be changed afterwards

In order to ship your parcel as quickly as possible, all data is transferred to our shipping partner as soon as you have completed your order and your payment was successful. Therefore, a subsequent change of your order, is unfortunately no longer possible. Furthermore, in most cases we can not cancel the order before it is shipped.

Your address is incorrect?

If you made a mistake when entering the address, you can try to contact the shipping service provider directly as soon as you have received your tracking number. An address change from our side is no longer possible with a successfully completed order that already has the status “Awaiting Shipment”.

You ordered the wrong product or forgot to add products?

If you have ordered the wrong products, you have to cancel your order and place a new one.
It is not possible to add or change products after the order has been placed successfully. Also a change of the color or amount is unfortunately not possible after the order has been placed.

You forgot to redeem a voucher code?

Unfortunately, a voucher code cannot be applied to your order after it has been placed successfully.
If you forgot to redeem your voucher you can use it on your next order. Please consider the validity of your voucher.
Alternatively, cancel your order and place a new order.

For more information on canceling and returning your order, click here.

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