The Smart Lock is not calibrated. How can I correct the lock state?

During calibration your Smart Lock adapts to your door

During calibration, your Smart Lock will know your lock the first time you set it up and save the minimum and maximum lock positions. These two stops define the locking rotation. 
After the calibration you can check the lock status via your Nuki app or Web account.


What causes the calibration of the Smart Lock to be lost?

The status of the Smart Lock can be lost due to external influences. For example, if the door is stiff or needs to be adjusted. Re-calibration may also be required after manual locking with the physical key. Learn more.


How to correct the lock state?

Calibration within Bluetooth range of the Smart Lock

The best and safest solution is to re-calibrate your Smart Lock within Bluetooth range. Because when you are on site, you can make sure that the calibration was successful and the door stays closed. Information on how to re-calibrate your Smart Lock can be found here.

Lock your door using the Nuki app or Nuki Web

If you are not on site, you can lock your door via app or Web to correct the state of your Smart Lock. When locking, your Smart Lock turns the key until it reaches the end point. The state is thus known again and the Smart Lock is ready for use.

Note: In rare cases, the key may be turned in the opposite direction as a result of the loss of position. The door is therefore opened and not locked.
We therefore recommend only using this solution if a person on site can check that the door is closed and locked.

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