Does the built-in Wi-Fi replace the Nuki Bridge?

Depending on your individual use case, the Nuki Bridge may be required.
This is the case if you want to control other Nuki devices like the Nuki Opener remotely. But also Smart Home Hubs that are connected via the HTTP API need the Nuki Bridge.

The built-in Wi-Fi gives you full online access to your Smart Lock 3.0 Pro.
If you want to control your Smart Lock 3.0 Pro remotely, you do not need the Nuki Bridge. Without any additional accessories you can

- lock or open your door
- view the activity log
- assign and manage lock permissions.

The built-in Wi-Fi cannot be used as a Bridge replacement for other Nuki devices.

Nuki devices like the Nuki Opener cannot be connected to the Wi-Fi module of the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. To get online access to other Nuki devices, you still need the Nuki Bridge.

The HTTP API is not supported by the built-in Wi-Fi.
The Nuki Smart Lock is designed for standard compatibility with a wide range of Smart Home systems. Nuki offers open interfaces for the integration of Nuki into lots of different use cases.
Some well-known Smart Home Hubs are connected via the HTTP API. To access them, you need the Nuki Bridge. This is because the HTTP API is not supported by the Wi-Fi module. Popular Smart Home Hubs based on the HTTP API are for example:

- HomeBridge
- Home Assistant
- Loxone
- openHAB

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