Activating your Smart Hosting service package

Say goodbye to lost keys and time-consuming key handovers.

Nuki Smart Hosting fully automates granting access to your short rental apartments for your guests. You can activate Smart Hosting directly in your Nuki Web account. Find the login here:

Your benefits using Nuki Smart Hosting

Depending on how many accommodations you want to connect to our Smart Hosting Services, we offer two service packages. Both enable you to use the partner integrations as well as the Short Rental API.
If you want to manage up to 10 accommodations, service package “Standard” is the perfect fit for you. It includes premium support, immediate product replacement and an extended warranty period of three years.
For more than 10 accommodations, service package “Business” offers additional services such as a personal welcome call and a training course for your employees.

Find more information on Nuki Smart Hosting here.

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