Why we are switching to a paid model for our Short Rental Services

We are glad and grateful to see that our many partner integrations and the Short Rental API are being used heavily. As for all our products, a constant high quality level is of the utmost importance to us. To be able to continuously keep up these high standards, further develop the current range of services as well as work on new services, we created Nuki Smart Hosting.
With Nuki Smart Hosting we can make sure to always be able to provide the needed resources and capacities for the Short Rental Services in the long run.

Smart Hosting means added value

Nuki Smart Hosting not only enables you to use the partner integrations and Short Rental API, but also offers additional benefits:

  • Prolonged warranty to up to 3 years starting from the activation date of the Nuki device
  • Immediate product replacement
  • Premium support: Prioritized handling of your request within three hours during our business hours.
  • 15 % discount on Nuki accessories
  • Extended period of data storage: Depending on your Smart Hosting service package the data will be stored for up to 12 months.

Register now for a free 12-month testing period

If you register for Nuki Smart Hosting until October 19, 2022 in your Nuki Web account, you can use the extended services completely free of charge for one year.

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