Keypad 2: Power supply

Minimal battery consumption at maximum reliability

Your Nuki Keypad 2 works with four AAA batteries, which are included in delivery.
The battery consumption of the Nuki Keypad 2 is very low. On average the included batteries last at least 12 months.
The Nuki app informs you about the battery level of your Keypad. To check it, tap on the Smart Lock connected to the Keypad and open the settings. Go to “Lock permissions” and select "Keypad" > “Settings”.
If the battery level drops to 20%, the Nuki app will remind you automatically to change the Keypad's battery.

How to replace the batteries of your Keypad 2

Please note, that the Keypad 2 is also available in the Pro variant.

The Keypad 2 Pro is designed for seamless installation in a wall or door. The direct power connection provides added convenience. Therefore, installation requires cutting and wiring. Nuki recommends having the installation performed by a professional.
Here you can find Nuki partners who can provide you with competent advice.

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