Screwing the Keypad (Version 1) to the wall

The Keypad can be assembled and used by everybody in just a few minutes.

You can mount your Keypad on the outside of your front door by sticking it to the door frame. Alternatively, install it by screwing it to the house wall.

If you have a first-generation Keypad, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the case of the Nuki Keypad by applying pressure to the bottom of the Keypad and pulling it from the back plate.
  2. Mount the back plate of the Nuki Keypad to the wall. Use the enclosed mounting material. Simply screw through the silicone covers at the inside of the two holes. The silicone covers serve as waterproof seals to prevent water from getting into the Keypad case.
  3. Then close the case of the Keypad so that the outer silicone cover seals tightly at all edges.
  4. Open the Nuki app on your smartphone and open the menu (top left). Now select "Manage my devices" and "Keypad". The app will guide you through the setup.

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