How long is the activity log data stored via Nuki Web?

Extend the duration of activity log data retention with Nuki Smart Hosting
We are very pleased that Nuki Web and our partner integrations are used so often. We demand a high quality standard from our services. To meet this demand, our services are continuously improved and extended. We want to keep it that way in the future. In view of the continuous growth of our community, a forward-looking planning of our technical resources is particularly important.

Therefore, we limit the duration of data storage for all Nuki Web users. The retention of log data is limited to three months. Actions that took place more than three months ago will no longer be accessible via the log.

If you want to keep your log data for a longer period of time, you can choose Nuki Smart Hosting. Depending on the selected Nuki Smart Hosting package, the log data will be stored for six (Standard) or 12 months (Business).


Of course you can still export the log data of the last 3 months manually and prepare it for your data management.

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