Night mode

With the Night mode Nuki can lock your door automatically. You can define an individual time period according to your needs. During the selected period, the energy saving mode of the Smart Lock is activated and the door is locked twice (720°). You can also control the Auto Lock and Auto Unlock actions.

Energy saving mode active

Within the Night mode, the Smart Lock automatically activates the energy saving mode. This reduces the interval in which your Smart Lock communicates with the Nuki App and therefore less energy will be consumed. As a result, requesting the lock state via the app may take a little longer during this period.

Lock twice (720°)

If Auto Lock is activated for the Night mode, your door will always be locked twice (720°) during the selected period. Therefore more security is provided.

Locks automatically with start of Night mode

At the beginning of the chosen time frame, your door is locked automatically. This activity is shown as 'Scheduled' in the Activity log.

Reject Auto Unlock

If the Night mode is active, the Smart Lock rejects all Auto Unlocks during the selected period, which prevents the door from being opened automatically. Auto Unlocks that are rejected because of the Night mode, are displayed in the Activity log as 'Rejected - Night mode (0x0A)'.

Activate Auto Lock

When Auto Lock is activated for the Night mode, the door is automatically locked when it has been unlocked before. When the door sensor of your Smart Lock is activated, Nuki locks the door as soon as it is closed. Without the door sensor, the door is locked by default after 5 minutes or after the time you set, if you are already using Auto Lock without the Night mode.

Note: To activate the Nuki Night mode, you need: Android and iOS App Version 2.5.0 / Smart Lock 1.0 Firmware Version 1.8.0 / Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware Version 2.6.2.

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