Notes de version : version de l’appli iOS Nuki 2023.8.2

What's new?

In this release, we focused on improving the user experience and addressing User Interface issues in the app. Here are the improvements you can expect:

Improvements to the User Interface

  • With this update, we have addressed the user interface in the device settings for the Nuki Opener. Previously, an empty "Accessories" section was displayed under "Features & Configuration," even when no Nuki accessories (e.g., Fob) were connected to the Opener. From now on, the app will only show the "Accessories" section if Nuki accessories are connected to the Opener. If you are not using any Nuki accessories in combination with your Opener, the section will be hidden. This results in a more streamlined and intuitive user interface.
  • Furthermore, we have corrected the user interface in the app settings. In the "Shortcuts" section, an empty cell was displayed at the top. With this version, we have corrected the section. These improvements ensure a seamless and visually appealing experience for our customers.
  • We have also been working on minor changes and improvements in the background. This makes the Nuki app run even more smoothly.

For more information about the features and improvements delivered in August, click here: Nuki iOS app 2023.8.1

Enjoy using your Nuki device with the improved Nuki app.

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