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For all users who want to access all Nuki features comfortably from their computer, we offer Nuki Web. Nuki Web is a platform on our Nuki servers on the Internet, which allows you to control your Nuki device from any Internet-enabled device. Furthermore, numerous integrations like Google Home or Alexa are based on Nuki Web. For this purpose, required data is synchronized with the Nuki server and temporarily stored there. Detailed information about data usage can be found in our privacy statement. Security concepts and encryption protect your data from access by others at any time.

If you want to use Nuki Web, you need a Nuki Web account. To make the registration as easy but also as secure as possible you can use "Sign in with Google". That means you can simply register for Nuki Web using your existing Google account.

We collect your email address and name during the registration process. By linking your Nuki Web account to your email address, we make sure that all service emails you want to receive from Nuki are sent to the correct email address.
This way you can be sure to be informed about your Nuki Web account at any time.

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