Come si aggiunge un'impronta digitale?

With the Keypad 2.0 the choice is yours: You can open your door by typing in a 6-digit entry code or by putting your finger on it.

For security reasons, a fingerprint is always linked to an entry code:
1. Create an entry code or select an existing entry code under "Lock permissions" > "Keypad".
2. Select "Add fingerprint" in the authorization details of the entry code.
3. Follow the instructions of the Nuki app to scan and save your fingerprint.

You can add multiple fingerprints to one entry code. However, a maximum of 20 fingerprints can be stored in total. A fingerprint always has the same rights as the associated entry code. If you delete an entry code, the entry code and all the fingerprints linked to this entry code are irrevocably deleted.

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